LED Light LED’S20

- Designed for standard socket G13 (analog of ordinary daylight fluorescent lamps). 
- LED lamp energy saving LED'S20 (120cm) with the consumption of 10W can replace the fluorescent lamp 18W. 
- The tests showed a drop in the brightness of only 2% after 10,000 hours of operation. And this is more than 4 years in operation for 6 hours a day!​

Food: 85-265 Vac (50 / 60Hz) 
Power consumption: 20W 
Working temperature: -20 ° to +50 ° 
Overall dimensions: one thousand one hundred ninety-eight (1212) * D26mm 
Viewing angle: 120º 
Service life: ensures the brightness of more than 
70% after 35,000 hours of service 
Operating temperature: -20º - + 50 ° C 
Koefitsient color rendering CRI: 80RA 
Diffuser: Milk-matt / transparent 

Weight: 310g 

Cold white light: 6000K -6500K 
Luminous flux of 2150 lumens 

Light neutral white: 4000K -4500 K 
Luminous flux of 2070 lumens 

Light warm white: 3000K -3500 K 
Luminous flux of 1890 lumens 

LED energy-saving lamps LED'S-T8 do not require ballasts and starters, so the connection is made to the following pattern: *

Ie phase is connected to one side of the lamp (for all of the pins or both), a zero in the same way connected to the second end. 

* On request is possible to produce lamps with one-way connection. 

** On request is possible to produce lamps 1500mm.




T8 from TM "Verso" - best offer high quality at a reasonable price. Are the ideal solution for cost-effective lighting, decorative lighting and general lighting of interiors, office, retail and other public buildings, warehouses and industrial premises, advertising stands and citylights. The perfect solution for sports halls, barns, cellars.